Lawn Mowing Test Reveals GPS Capabilities of The Apple Watch Ultra

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Ultra GPS Test

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Ultra at its "Far Out" event alongside the new iPhone 14 series. The wearable packs a boatload of features for professional athletes and adventurers. While we have seen various tests in the past, a Reddit user has conducted an experiment to test the GPS capabilities of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Watch a User Test The Apple Watch Ultra's GPS by Mowing His Lawn

If you are unfamiliar, the Apple Watch Ultra is the first version to come with a precision dual-frequency GPS for enhanced accuracy and tracking of workout routes, distance, and pace. Apple has boasted a lot about the GPS capabilities on the Ultra, and a Reddit user, suburbandad1999 went on to conduct a test through lawn mowing.

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The high-end Apple Watch conjoins the capabilities of the L1 GPS with L5 GPS for precise location while being less power-hungry. If you are someone who likes to go on days-long hikes, the Apple Watch Ultra is one of the top wearables that you should consider before going on an expedition. In comparison to older models, the advanced signal processing on the Ultra will offer consistent signals, even in dense cities.

“It would even have me zip a couple doors down and shows about 1.4 extra miles of distance compared to the image on the right. Apple Watch Ultra shows every intricate row I did.”

In the new unscientific GPS comparison, it can be seen how the Apple Watch Ultra is superior to older models, all thanks to the new L5 GPS tracking. The user compared the GPS on the Apple Watch Series 4 with the Ultra, and the results are surprising. You can check out the lawn mowing trail below for more details.

Apple Watch Ultra GPS Test

There is no doubt that the GPS capabilities on the Ultra are far superior to older Apple Watch models and that it can be used in the wild efficiently to deduce and calculate routes. Nonetheless, owning an Apple Watch Ultra will cost you $799. Check out more details in our announcement post.

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