Latest Report Suggests AT&T Considers Stopping Galaxy Note 7 Sales


After a replacement Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on an airplane, it prompted another investigation. In fact, two former US officials suggest that a second smartphone recall might have to be initiated, which is going to be the first time in history that this has actually happened. Thanks to all of these recent events, the latest report suggests that AT&T will halt Galaxy Note 7 sales, at least till all the issues have been dealt by Samsung.

AT&T Halting Galaxy Note 7 Sales Will Deliver a Huge Blow to Samsung – Final Decision Is Yet to Be Revealed

According to Bloomberg, US carrier AT&T considers ultimately cancelling sales of the defective phablet although the final decision has yet to be confirmed. If the decision comes through and the carrier ultimately decides to halt sales, it will be another blow to Samsung since the US holds the title of being the largest smartphone market in terms of revenue generated. At this current time, if you have purchased a Galaxy Note 7, then all four carriers, including AT&T are offering alternative smartphones to customers who want to return their Note 7 handsets.

Samsung has already lost billions of dollars with its Note 7 recall, which also forced the company to sell its stake in a variety of tech companies in order to raise cash real quick. The company is also thinking to expedite the announcement of Galaxy S8 in order to compensate for the losses the firm has had to endure thanks to the Galaxy Note 7. However, it is this haste that and the company’s ambition to announce its Galaxy Note 7 faster than Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that led to the story leading here, so we honestly hope that the company has learned a valuable lesson from this.

Samsung has already lost $22 billion of market value ever since the Note 7 crises, although the stock has recovered. Which other carriers do you think will start to halt the sales of Galaxy Note 7 other than AT&T? Tell us your thoughts right away.