Kosin Showcases An RTX 3090 Graphics card Running On M.2 Slot

Source: Kosin

Kosin, a Chinese child company of Lenovo, has shown an incredibly unique way to connect the RTX 3090 graphics card to a laptop. Various products allow laptop gamers to connect an external graphics card, but these products usually require a Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C connection. This video shows an RTX 3090 connected through a Laptop's M.2 Slot. This video is available through PC Watch.

Kosin Shows an RTX 3090 Graphics card running off of an M.2 Slot, after modding Kosin's Air 14 Gaming Laptop

Kosin decides to utilize this modification on one of their laptops, the laptop utilized in this unique setup is the Air 14. This laptop utilizes the Ryzen 4600U processor, which also features an M.2 slot. This video showcases how Kosin modified this laptop to connect the RTX 3090 for data transfer and power the RTX 3090 using the laptop's power supply.

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Source: Kosin

The modder removed the installed M.2 SSD and then connected an M.2 adapter to PCIe Slot; this allows the RTX 3090 to connect to the laptop. This adapter cannot power the new external graphics card, and this setback required the modder to drill a slot into the laptop's housing. This hole drilled in the housing allows the power cord to be moved out from the laptop's internal.

3DMARK Time Spy Score
Source: Kosin

After connecting the RTX 3090 graphics card through the power cord and the M.2 adapter, The laptop does boot and can be stressed tested. The video released by Kosin stressed tested this graphics card through 3D Mark Time Spy. This stress test showcases a score of 14,008 points, which does show a small drop in performance as when the RTX 3090 was paired with an Intel Core i9-900K processor, features a Time Spy score of 15,000 Points. While this 1,000 point drop in performance may seem like a significant drop, the gaming performance will be significantly better than utilizing the graphics cores on the Ryzen 4600U. This drop could potentially be because the M.2 slot only has four PCIe lanes, which are less than most PCIe slots provided by motherboards.

Playing CyberPunk
Source: Kosin

The video's end shows the modder using the RTX 3090 graphics card and laptop to play CyberPunk with the RTX on.

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