Kojima Productions Will Continue to Be an Independent Studio, Hideo Kojima Confirms


Kojima Productions will continue to be an independent studio, Hideo Kojima himself confirmed today amidst rumors of a possible acquisition of the studio by Sony.

Following the release of an updated PlayStation Studios updated banner, which included Death Stranding alongside other titles developed by Sony-owned development studios, Hideo Kojima clarified on Twitter that his studio has been and will continue to be an independent production studio.

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Kojima Productions has been originally founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Konami and has been reformed as an independent studio in 2015. The first game by the studio, Death Stranding, has been released on PC and PlayStation 4, while its updated version, the Director's Cut, has been released on PC and PlayStation 5. You can learn more about the Director's Cut by checking out Kai's review.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is without a doubt the best way to step into the shoes of Sam Bridges, at least for those that haven’t seen Kojima’s vision of a ruined America. What Kojima Productions brings to the PlayStation 5 are performance and additions that make the experience play better than ever, although what’s actually new to the game feels lacking compared to what’s come in other definitive Sony collections. With all of the additions and enhancements seamlessly integrated into the Director’s Cut, there’s little reason to consider playing the first draft of Hideo Kojima’s vision if you can get your hands on this new release.

Kojima Productions is currently working on multiple projects. Among the projects in the works is an AAA game that everyone will want to play that has yet to be announced.