Kinect can now work with the PS3!

Rizwan Anwer

The most ironic thing has FINALLY happened, a Microsoft accessory is being used on the PlayStation 3! although don't expect this to help your game much. Navigating through the XMB and the in game menus isn't a chore but staying alive in the game could be quite difficult wouldn't you say? While Sony's PlayStation Move is highly recommended for Killzone 3 maybe there is a future of someone playing better on the Kinect :P.

While I am NOT impressed with the horrible FPS control with the Kinect I AM how ever impressed with the way the creator controls the XMB with his hands and how I wish I could do that, this would be especially useful while watching movies and I don't wanna keep track of my controller to pause / play the movie.

The Kinect is a VERY versatile device which surprisingly is selling very well and can do SO MUCH more than play Kinectimals, you can go invisible like the predator, play Super Mario with your body and SO MUCH more. It won't be soon until this thing is fully augmented with fighting games and people are breaking furniture in their homes pulling off E. Honda's ultra in their living rooms (THAT would be funny, no?)

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