Kinect lets you control your inner Jedi with the force

So who here among us watched Star Wars: Episode 4 and though "using the force in real life would be AWESOME?" well thanks to Microsoft's Kinect and a few softwares you can now control your Windows 7 desktop with the power of the force, as shown in the below video:

and just when you thought things couldn't get good enough you can now check your mail and even surf the web like a true Jedi

It was always known that the Kinect would be manipulated in such a way that it would be made useful with PC's but I never imagined that it would be THIS freaking useful! This is especially great for those of you who currently own a Kinect. I wonder how soon would it be before we will be able to use the Kinect with PC games? now THAT would really give gamers their moneys worth for the Kinect wouldn't it?

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