Here Is One Killer Selling Point Of Surface Book That No One Has Noticed


Love it or hate it, Microsoft Surface Book is a versatile 2-in-1 hybrid machine that packs impressive hardware and portability, even though it will still cost you quite a bit. Now, the latest information surrounding the company’s first ever notebook also happens to the product’s primary selling point, and here is the most interesting thing about it; most likely no one has been able to notice it.

Users Can Upgrade The Keyboard Base Of Microsoft Surface Book In Order To Upgrade Their Graphics Processor

According to a source, Microsoft might not have stated that it will be selling its keyboard bases separately, but the software giant has implied that even if you purchase the base model of Surface Book; one that is running a Skylake Core-i5 coupled with 128GB of internal storage and Intel’s iGPU, you can easily upgrade your current model to one that is running NVIDIA’s GeForce 950M graphics processor.

However, according to the specifications present in the image below, it appears that the performance future users will be able to experience from the hybrid machine will be equivalent to a GeForce 940M, which will be sufficient for you as long as you do not get overzealous with the hardware incorporated in it. Keep in mind that the graphics processor has 1GB of video memory, so you will definitely have to careful when running taxing applications otherwise you will run into performance issues rather quickly.

Currently, Microsoft has not revealed any pricing details concerning the keyboard bases, but we are hopeful that the company should have some good news for its loyal phalanx of consumers in the future, assuming that pricing happens to be within a respectable range. The highest configured Surface Book comes with a ridiculous price tag of $3,199, so if you want to experience the best of what Microsoft has to offer, then you are going to have to spend some serious cash on the product.

Coming to the remaining hardware specifications of Surface Book, the hybrid has a 13.5 inch PixelSense display with a resolution measuring at 3000 by 2000 pixels. The company’s Surface Pen will be bundled with the retail packaging of the notebook and according to the software firm, the accessory mimics the functionality of an actual pen.

Once again, we will remind you Microsoft has not divulged the pricing details of Surface Book’s keyboard bases, but has mentioned that they can swapped for a better configuration, which is exactly the kind of deal you are looking for. Now that you have heard about this killer feature, would you still be compelled to purchase one? Let us know your thoughts.