Keep Notifications and Calls Silent With Do Not Disturb Even When You’re Using Your iPhone, iPad [How to]

Do Not Disturb

Here’s how you can set your iPhone or iPad notifications and calls to be absolutely silent with Do Not Disturb even while you are using your device.

I make use of Do Not Disturb a lot, especially while I’m driving or when I’m about to dose off. Just flick the switch and boom, you’re silent. No more notification or calls. It’s just pure peace.

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But by default, that ‘silent’ action applies only when your iPhone or iPad is locked and not in use. Only then those notifications or calls won’t come through. If you are using your device, you will see every bit of notifications and calls swarming your way. This is annoying, especially if you want some peace of mind. But thankfully, you can change this behavior completely by simply altering one option from the Settings app. Once enabled, you won’t receive a single notification or call alert even while you’re using your device. How? Follow along.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Tap on Do Not Disturb.

3. Under the ‘Silence’ section, tap on Always, then enable Do Not Disturb (either from Settings or Control Center) and give this feature a spin.

Do Not Disturb

Even if someone texts you, tweets at you, or whatever, you won’t get a single notification for it. Not even calls will come through. This is an extremely handy feature if you are binging on a show on Netflix or catching up on your favorite YouTuber’s tech unboxing haul. No pesky notification will get in your way. Do Not Disturb FTW!

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Once you’re done with your routine, simply disable Do Not Disturb and you’ll be pulled back straight into reality. I know, things are amazing when those notification are silent, but you can’t keep things that way no matter what you do. But hey, you’ve learned a new new DND trick which will come in handy for you at a number of occasions, especially in places like the classroom when you’re jotting those notes on your iPad and don’t want to sway away from education in any way.

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