Keep iOS 9’s Low Power Mode On All The Time And Save Hours Of Battery – Jailbreak Tweak


iOS 9 introduced Low Power Mode that promised to squeeze out an extra hour of battery life. Low Power Mode radically improves battery performance on the iPhone when it dwindles below 20 percent. Even if you have the option to turn this mode at a higher battery percentage, it still cannot be turned on once the iPhone has sufficient battery life remaining. If we managed to turn Low Power Mode on at all times, we could possibly end up with a few more hours of battery life on iOS.

Squeeze Out A Few More Hours Of Battery Life With LowPowerMode

Sad to say, but iOS does not allow you to turn on Low Power Mode all the time, instead it automatically switches it off once the battery has been sufficiently charged. However, if you happen to have a jailbroken iOS device, you can access this functionality all the time, irrespective of the battery percent. The name of the tweak is LowPowerMode and its oblivious to ask where they got the name from.

The tweak has a minimalist function of turning on Low Power Mode indefinitely, regardless of your device being sufficiently charged. This would maximize battery life and give you those extra hours that have been falling short at the end of the day. Low Power Mode on iOS functions by reducing or turning off various aspects of the operating system. Apple's official support documents list some of the aspects which adhere to Low Power Mode's impact. They include:

  • Email Fetch
  • Hey Siri
  • Background App Refresh
  • Automatic Downloads
  • Wi-Fi Associations
  • Some Visual Effects

All of the aspects mentioned above are associated with saving battery life once the Low Power Mode is turned on. Apple does this by limiting usage or completely stopping it until you plug in your device. But if you rarely want all of these features, the tradeoff to save a few more hours of battery life is definitely worth it. One thing that you need to consider before installing the tweak is that your jailbroken device should be running iOS 9. All firmwares below iOS 9 do not have access to Low Power Mode functionality and hence the tweak might have no effect there.

This is it for now folks. Do you think Apple will permit Low Power Mode permanently on in iOS 10? Download LowPowerMode from Cydia's BigBoss repository and let us know in the comments how you liked the tweak.