Get Journey PSN Avatar, Facebook Timeline Cover AND Facebook Avatar for Free


Journey is releasing on the 13th (NA) and 14th (EU) on the PlayStation Network, Sony has decided to spark up interest by releasing FREE PSN Avatars for a limited time only and as an added bonus they threw in some really attractive facebook time line cover with a Facebook Avatar thrown in? Simply like a page and you will be able to avail all of these goodies free of charge. Unfortunately this offer is only valid for US PSN accounts while the Facebook timeline cover and avatar can be used with any region. So if you luck out on your regional code you can always pass it on to a friend.

Journey is ending its 3 year wait and is finally coming out to the PS3 in the coming days but Sony and thatgamecompany have decided to bring more attention to the game by letting Facebook fans get a free PSN avatar for their PSN ID and if you still aren't impressed you also get a free Facebook Timeline cover and a Facebook Avatar too. When you combine both your profile will look a LOT better.

Simply like THIS page and press Submit and you will recieve the redeemable code for your PSN avatar which you can get from the US PlayStation Store only so if you are in the UK or other regions you can either wait for the promotion to come to your area or you can always share the code with a friend and let them have something cool to show off.

I would highly recommend using the timeline cover and the avatar together so that you get the ideal image, you will see what I'm talking about once you apply it for yourself :D.