Journey Climbs Back To The Top Of PSN Store

Jan 11, 2013

I had been waiting for Journey since thatgamecompany, of Flower and FlOw fame, announced it and I only recently got my hands on it. I haven't touched it yet, but will do when the time is right. When thatgamecompany was showing the game to the public, it became apparent that the game would end up as an artistic masterpiece, and it did, as shown by it being on the top of the PSN Store charts and being loved by critics and fans everywhere.

It has the distinction of being the fastest selling title on the PSN Store when it was released in March 2012, and afterwards it died down a bit but then 2013 rolled around and a plethora of video gaming sites handed Journey the PS3 Game of the Year, and some even handed it the big one, Game of the Year. And of course, it had an effect on the sales.

Journey was the top-selling game in December 2012, and all because of the limelight thrown on it because of the large number of awards it took home. But Journey is a sad thing too, as it ends the three game contract Sony had with thatgamecompany. This means that while they'll hopefully keep pumping out more masterpieces, they won't be exclusive to the PlayStation platform, this is not necessarily a bad thing as they'll reach out to more people but my opinion is that Sony should keep this company under contract because in the coming years, they're the one to watch out for in the downloadable category!