Jim Ryan on Xbox One X: Specs Are Interesting, But The Proof Is In How Games Look

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

With the Xbox One X launching next week, Sony pulled out a strong Media Showcase at Paris Games Week 2017 to try and counter Microsoft's new console.

The Xbox One X is much more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, with an estimated 6 TFLOPS of FP32 performance against the PS4 Pro's 4.2 TFLOPS. However, in an interview published today by The Telegraph, PlayStation's Global Sales Head Jim Ryan downplayed the importance of hardware specs in favor of how the games actually look.

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Specs are interesting but that’s all they are: specifications. The proof is in how the games look - and which games they are. You saw last night, there was a great range of games - many of which are exclusive to our platform and you will only find on a PS4 Pro, that I think allow us to feel - as I said almost three times last night - that we remain the best place to play.

Ryan then suggested that Sony's ace in the hole is the first-party output by Sony Worldwide Studios.

Certainly for us it is one of the key differentiators, yes. Games like Uncharted 4, we just had Gran Turismo, a whole range of stuff from studios located in Japan and Europe - obviously Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games here in Europe - West Coast of America - we’ve spent a lot of time nurturing that network of studios, a lot of time over many, many years, and a lot of hard work. but we think now it’s a big asset for us.

He does have a point here. Sony's internal studios not only have been on a successful streak in the past few years, they also manage to push the hardware's limits continuously forward with a blend of code optimization and artistic mastery.

Even if the Xbox One X has more power under its hood, PlayStation 4 Pro might have the better drivers and that could be make all the difference.

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