iVoler Switch Lite Accessories Roundup: This Accessory Damaged My Switch Lite


The Switch Lite is finally available for all, and if you're anything like me, you'll want to avoid any possible damage happening to your new device while on the go. As a result, you'll need a decent case, a screen protector, maybe even a hard shell for your device to keep it looking pristine if you drop it? Well, the good folks at iVoler sent us a bunch of accessories to give our verdict on and it's mostly positive, aside from one glaring issue.

iVoler is known for good quality mobile accessories, so I had high hopes for this batch of Switch Lite accessories, and for the most part, it's good news, but there's one huge problem here if iVoler want to be a reputable name for video game accessories.

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iVoler Slim Hard Carry Case

This is a simple and pure as a carry case needs to be. This is a fairly slim carry case, with two elastic bands to keep the Switch Lite in place, a hard shell, slots for game carts, and a small netted section with space for USB cables or small headphones.

This is what I expect from a carry case, and honestly, this is a better option than some of the officially licensed Nintendo Switch soft case products. The hard case gives that bit more durability and protection for your device while providing more than enough space for basic accessories you need for the road. It's pure and simple, and I would happily recommend this to Switch Lite owners.

If there's an issue to complain about, it's that there's no option to convert the case into a makeshift stand, which is a nice feature many other cases come with.

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iVoler Large Capacity Hard Carry Case ($15.99)

If you need more space for accessories, this case might be for you. Maybe. It somewhat defeats the more portable form factor of the Switch Lite by offering a carry case which can dwarf many standard Switch cases, at least in terms of width but is incredibly comprehensive. There are two inner sleeves with which you can store 20 game carts, there's space for a full-size charger, and more. It offers a lot of space, needless to say.

But it doesn't strap your Switch in securely. There is a velcro strap which I assume should be wrapped around the Switch Lite, but the device can fall out of the case should you open it the wrong way. Unlike the other case, with the elastic bands, this case has no real way of holding your Switch Lite securely, and the case is so large to begin with that the device rattles around inside the case. It likely wouldn't damage it, but it sounds bad.

Again, no option to convert into a stand, even with this larger version of the case. Though, that point about the device rattling around is remedied slightly by the next item…

iVoler Protective Hardshell Cover ($8.95)

This is a plastic hardshell which snaps on to your Switch Lite. This item is going to be great to prevent dents in your unit should you drop it, it has all the holes you need to access the IO, and even has two ergonomic bumps on the back, which make the device a bit nicer to hold. The increased thickness isn't really noticeable, and playing with it is nice.

However, this comes with a massive fault. The plastic feels incredibly tight when you snap the device on, almost as if it will break. Fine once in place, however, once I came to remove the hard shell, it was so tight that it scratched the sides of my device. I now have fairly deep, noticeable scratches on both sides of my device. If you want to keep your device looking pristine, this is the absolute opposite way to do it, and needlessly to say, I'm incredibly frustrated.

This could work well if the device is for a child that is likely to damage it somehow anyway, but for anyone who actually wants their device to look as nice as possible for as long as possible, this is a no-buy.

iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector 4-pack ($7.95)

Everyone deserves a screen protector on their Switch Lite. When you properly apply a tempered glass screen protector to a device, you practically forget it's even there, all while making your device that much more safe and secure. And that's exactly what you get with iVoler's tempered glass screen protectors.

Generously, you get four screen protectors in the pack, meaning that even if you're incredibly clumsy, you won't be having to buy another pack any time soon. The screen protector is approximately 1mm shorter than the bezel of the device, and 1.5mm thinner. It's close enough that, when properly applied, it's difficult to tell that there's even a screen protector in place at all.

But not only that, you actually get screen protectors with every iVoler device. Two, in fact, with each of the cases and the hard shell. This makes their cases incredibly good value, for tempered glass screen protectors can sometimes cost as much as any of these cases.


The main takeaway is that the iVoler hard carry cases are very good, decent cases. My preference in the slim carry case, since it holds the Switch Lite more securely in place. The screen protectors are all great, and the hardshell case is an absolute disaster that should be avoided unless the device is meant to be in the hands of a clumsy child anyway. Seriously, if keeping your Switch Lite in pristine condition is a priority for you, a hard shell is a good idea, but not this one, it's truly awful.