iPhones Sold in France Will Not Be Bundled With Wired EarPods Anymore, Thanks to a New Law


Though Apple stopped providing a charger and EarPods with the launch of the iPhone 12 series in 2020, it continued providing the wired audio accessory for handsets sold in France due to a requirement by law. The same practice was maintained with the iPhone 13, but a change in that law means Apple will not be forced to give that freebie any longer.

New Law Wants to Reduce Environmental Footprint of Devices, Allowing Apple to Stop Providing Wired EarPods With Every iPhone Sold

Whether or not Apple stopped bundling a power brick and wired earphones with its iPhones to conserve for the environment, a change in French law wants to reduce environmental waste. The company has also stopped providing the same accessory for older iPhones. The reason behind this law was to reduce the risks of exposing developing brains to electromagnetic waves emitted through mobile phones.

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Thanks to a change in the law, Apple just needs to ensure that a compatible pair of headphones or earphones are sold separately. Despite appearing to contribute to the environment, the change in this law will benefit the manufacturer as it no longer needs to spend millions bundling wired EarPods with iPhones, upping its profit margins in France. MacRumors reports that according to a notice posted by French carrier Fnac below, iPhones will no longer ship EarPods in the box starting January 24.


We would like to inform you that our manufacturers are no longer required to supply headphones/hands-free kits with their smartphones in France. This new law, adopted in late 2021, aims to reduce the environmental footprint in France.

The Xiaomi brand is concerned, for products purchased from the week of January 17, 2022. The same will be true for the Apple brand as of from the week of January 24, 2022


At the time of writing, Apple’s regional website for France shows that the iPhones sold in the region will continue to ship with wired EarPods, but this information will probably be updated soon. If you want, you can purchase wired earphones separately, or go through the wireless route by picking up a pair of AirPods.

News Source: Consomac

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