iPhone SE Stocked Well Ahead of Apple’s March Event – Higher Capacity Model Expected


Alongside the return of the iPad Pro models, Apple has also intended to release another iPhone SE model that will feature more internal storage for users who do not want to have a care in the world about the amount of storage they have and still be able to carry a compact and powerful phone. Now it looks like Target, the retail chain in the United States might be stocking up the 4-inch handset even before the actual announcement has taken place.

Company Memo States That Target Has Stocked iPhone SE Models to Get a Lead Against Competition Before Apple Has Made the Announcement

The memo was obtained by MacRumors and such an action might be getting executed because an earlier report suggests that Apple was going to be releasing a high-capacity iPhone SE during the same announcement when the iPad Pro refresh was going to be unveiled.

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The only thing that could be changed about this model is that it will come with even more storage as compared to the previous two models. The iPhone SE that was announced earlier featured 16 and 64GB of internal memory so we could be seeing a 128GB model announced at this event.

Apple has a habit of reducing the price of its previously released products so it is possible that to make smaller iPhones relevant to a larger extent, the retail price of the previous storage models is greatly reduced, making them an attractive purchase for a user who wants to enjoy the fluid iOS ecosystem.

Though using the iPhone SE for media consumption isn't going to be ideal due to it's smaller size, users will still find a way to cope with this limitation. It is not every day that you get to pack so much power in a device that features a screen size of just 4 inches.

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