The iPhone SE 2 Will Be Slightly Smaller Than Its Predecessor At 121.04 x 55.82mm Suggests Detailed Image Leak From Screen Protector Maker


It's the device that just refuses to go away on the rumor mill. Today we've got more news for Apple's alleged iPhone SE 2 - the mythical device that promises to bring True Depth and Face ID to  a smaller form factor and a lower price tag. Against all odds, these leaks continue to claim that Apple will dilute its prized feature, one which had laid rest to claims of a lack of innovation at the company. Furthermore, today's leaks are quite diverse, ranging from screen protectors to schematics. Take a look below for more details.

Five Separate Images For The iPhone SE 2 Breathe New Air Into The Device; Reportedly Add More Claim To Rumors That Apple Will Bring Face ID To A Smaller Form Factor

The best of iPhone SE 2 leaks available right now, discounting today's images, are highly contradictory. Some sources, like today's, believe that Apple will switch to a bezel-free, edge to edge display on the smartphone that will house its proprietary True Depth camera setup.  Others claim that the company will keep the current iPhone SE's form factor but remove the 3.5mm earphone jack on the latest device.

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In fact, sources are so divided on the smartphone that the same source (Japanese blog MacOtakara) has posted different bits of information for the same device. One of these is a video leak that in all likelihood shows a Chinese clone based on alleged iPhone SE 2 schematics. The other, claims that Apple will launch a device very similar to its predecessor.

To further spice things up, we've also seen a regulatory filing that lists 11 different Apple gadgets. Taken in tandem with recent iPhone SE 2 rumors and suddenly the details start to appear more convincing than we'd like to believe. Today's leak looks to add more corroboration towards one angle of all these details i.e the one with Face ID.

Latest iPhone SE 2 Image Leak From a Screen Protector Manufacturer Look To Corroborate Claims Of Face ID And True Depth For The Alleged Smartphone

Today we've got five images, all from a Chinese screen protector manufacturer. The first of these shows a render of the finished product in tandem with what the company expects the iPhone SE 2 to look like. The second is the image of an actual end product displayed alongside the iPhone 5. It shows a slight decrease in dimensions for the alleged iPhone SE 2 over its predecessor as Apple kept dimensions similar for the iPhone SE, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

The final image tries to pass off as a dimension schematic for the iPhone SE 2, but its title gives it away. The image is dubbed '2.5D-Silk-printing-die-cut-iPhone-SE2', which goes to show that it is for the screen protector's dimensions instead. As the original iPhone SE measures 123.8 x 58.6mm, this one confirms that the upgrade will be smaller.

The final two also depict an end-product, completely packaged. The iPhone SE 2 just might be real folks, if these rumors are true. Right now, a lot of evidence does point in this direction so maybe Apple really will bring Face ID to a budget-friendly device. However, given the counterintuitiveness of it all, take it with a grain of salt and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

News Sources: Mobilefun, GrownSSper