iPhone Brand Loyalty Slips as More Users Trade in Their Devices for Android Smartphones, Says Latest Study

BankMyCell states that iPhone brand loyalty has dropped

A new study by the company BankMyCell, which makes it easier for people to trade in used phones for new ones suggests, that iPhone brand loyalty might have hit an all-time low. The company tracked over 38,000 customers from October to June and since the sample size only includes its own clients, the data collected is not necessarily the most reflective of buying trends in the industry. Nonetheless, this isn’t a small number and the stats provided some interesting insights towards consumer behavior when it comes to retaining their iPhones or switching to Android-based alternatives.

Study Claims That iPhone Brand Loyalty Is at Its Lowest Since 2011, With Data Taken From Various Sources

The report says that compared to 2018, brand loyalty towards Apple has slipped 15.2 percent and apparently the retention rate hasn’t dipped this low since 2011. From Q4 2018 to Q2 2019, around 30 percent of iPhone users migrated to devices running the Android OS, and surprisingly, the number of trade-in customers choosing to remain with Apple dropped to 66.4 percent in the last quarter of 2018, after the launch of the company’s current flagships.

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Samsung appeared to have emerged the beneficiary here, as the report says that in June 2019, over 18 percent of iPhone users switched to a Samsung handset, and bear in mind that this is the highest figure ever recorded by BankMyCell. Other popular alternatives include LG and Motorola, with around 8.2 percent and 2.5 percent of the users switching to these brands, respectively.

Around 18.5 percent of people upgrading from the iPhone XS bought a Samsung phone and 26 percent of the people selling the iPhone X switched to another brand. On the other hand, only a mere 7.7 percent of the individuals selling the Galaxy S9 bought an iPhone.

The findings are hardly surprising, given the fact that in recent times, Apple has lagged behind in a few categories, particularly new and innovative imaging features. A lot of customers might also be discouraged by the pricing of the newest iPhones, with a recent Kantar World Panel report also indicating that iOS market share is steadily going down, while Android is rising in popularity.

With Huawei temporarily out of the game and iPhone apparently shrinking in popularity, Samsung is apparently scooping up the market share, which will further consolidate its position as the number one global smartphone vendor. However, with the Android ban slowly being relaxed, Huawei is expected to find its feet once more and take the fight straight to the Korean tech behemoth.

News Source: BankMyCell

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