Apple Might Upgrade the Megapixel Count for its 2018 iPhone Series

Omar Sohail
iPhone 9 camera

In addition to larger screen sizes, Apple’s 2018 iPhone smartphone series is expected to get camera upgrades, according to a series of reports we’ve come across. Turns out that the Cupertino tech giant has booked production at a new factory, and this factory’s primary is to produce camera lens modules for the iPhone family dropping next year.

Report Claims That Only Largon Can Meet Apple’s Yield Requirements - Exact Resolution of Camera Upgrade Not Detailed

Though Largon has yet to comment on this production facility that it and Apple might have secretly booked for the production of ‘above 12MP’ camera modules, DigiTimes reports that the new factory present in Taichung is designed to accommodate monthly production capacity of a mammoth 600 million lens modules, and that figure alone is 6 times Largon’s present capacity.

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There is still bad news for consumers wanting to get their hands on the iPhone 8 because since production is going to commence from October 2017, it naturally means that the upcoming phone will not get the upgrade, on account that the announcement of this flagship is going to take place next week.

However, there are somethings that you need to keep in mind in increasing that MP count. Shooting up the number for a smartphone camera module will mean that either the camera sensor is increased to allow more light to enter, or each pixel size is increased.

A wider aperture will also be advantageous in letting more light enter the lens since it will give these devices a serious punch in low-light conditions, which is an area where all smartphone cameras struggle to bring out impressive image results.

Sharper image results can be made with an ‘above 12MP’ sensor so Apple is really looking to make some significant jumps in various departments of its smartphone lineup.

If only we could have seen the same upgrades in the iPhone 8. Do you think having a larger megapixel count on future iPhones will be advantageous? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: DigiTimes

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