Apple Rumored to Release a Humongous 6.5-Inch iPhone 9 Next Year Alongside a Smaller Version

Omar Sohail
iPhone 9 6.5 inch display

Apple is said to launch two iPhone 9 models next year bearing massive display sizes. With the largest one available right now sporting a 5.5-inch display, and with future versions to sport thinner bezels, Apple is definitely not being crazy with the display size jump, if the rumor holds true. There are several reasons for this display size increase, and you’ll find out shortly.

Two OLED-touting iPhone 9 Models to Be Released Next Year, According to Latest Rumor - One Featuring a 5.85-Inch Display While the Larger One Getting a 6.46-Inch Panel

The rumor via The Investor details the release of two iPhone 9 versions that will feature bigger screen sizes than the largest iPhone model available right now, being the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. According to industry sources, the smaller iPhone 9 will have a 5.85-inch model while the bigger one will get a 6.46-inch display. These sources also stated that Apple previously intended to launch a 5.28-inch model next year, but with decreasing demand of smaller devices, it looks like the tech giant will have no choice but to go big.

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Having a near-6.5-inch display is not the craziest of decisions; looking at the Galaxy Note 8, the phone will actually be smaller thanks to those reduced bezels, thus resulting in a smaller footprint. The reduced footprint could also mean that Apple might have to sacrifice the battery capacity, but there are reports that the iPhone 8 will employ the use of a substrate-like PCB.

This PCB has been rumored to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S9 and using superior engineering techniques, the battery capacity could also be increased in the mobile phone for 2018.

Apart from Samsung, Apple will also introduce LG into the foray of OLED production, decreasing the Cupertino tech company’s dependency on Samsung in the future. There isn’t any word if the iPhone 9 will use a curved glass or edge-to-edge glass like the iPhone 8 that will be unveiled next month, but we’ll update you regarding this in the near future.

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News Source: The Investor

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