iPhone 8 Rumored to Get Type-C USB Charger That Will Also Support Fast-Charging


Even with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the lack of fast-charging and the removal of the headphone jack were several things that the smartphone duo was criticized for. With the iPhone 8 unveiling, the headphone jack is not making a comeback, but at least a new rumor claims that the device will not take forever to help it's battery reach 100 percent of its charge.

The Type-C USB Charger to Come With the iPhone 8 Is Expected to Deliver up to 10 Watts of Power

According to an analyst from Barclays, Blayne Curtis claims in a research note that the upcoming iPhone 8 will come bundled with a Type-C USB charger, which in other words mean that it will be a part of its packaging. However, this does not mean that Apple is ready to give up the Lightning port yet. Remember, the port is Apple’s proprietary tech, and third-party manufacturers will have to pay Apple to use its technology to make their own products.

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If Apple forgoes the Lightning port forever, then it means the tech giant is going to cut off a huge revenue stream from the equation, and from what we have seen from the company, they are not about that life at all.

The Type-C USB charger will most likely be a power brick which will be able to accommodate a Lightning port for the iPhone 8. According to the research note, the charger will be able to deliver up to 10 watts of power, meaning that you will not be required to purchase third-party charging accessories to deliver more power to the upcoming iPhone.

In addition, the phone is expected to come with support for wireless charging, but we’re confident that Apple is not going to be bundling a wireless charger with the smartphone. Instead, we could be seeing an accessory listed on the Apple store in the near future, where the Cupertino tech firm will charge you a premium to gain wireless charging for the smartphone.

It is definitely great to see that Apple is coming up with the times and adopting technologies that its competitors have been incorporating in their devices for the longest time and we certainly hope that the iPhone 8 is definitely worth the retail price.

News Source: MacRumors