Touch ID Could Cease to Exist on iPhone 8 – Replaced With Something far More Advanced?


Touch ID was the first security feature based on fingerprint reading that found its way on the iPhone, and other manufacturers started following this approach on their handsets. With fingerprint sensors on smartphones now a ubiquity, it looks like Apple might be thinking to improve the security feature of iPhone 8, and that could start with the removal of the Touch ID fingerprint reader with something much more advanced.

Touch ID on the iPhone 8 Might Be Replaced With 3D Facial Recognition Feature

With fingerprint sensors a common occurrence on smartphones, Apple could be deciding to take it one step further with the announcement of the iPhone 8. The latest report (via MacRumors) states that the upcoming flagship is going to feature 3D facial recognition that will unlock the smartphone based on the person’s face placed next to the display.

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Apart from the design overall, lack of home button and switch to OLED displays, it looks like the iPhone 8 will also feature upgraded security, according to JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall. He claims that 5.8-inch variant of the upcoming device is also going to sport an edge-to-edge display. The versions that are expected to get announced alongside the iPhone 8 are being referred to as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. These devices according to the report will feature a 3D laser scanner and because each scanner is expected to cost between $10-$15, the retail price of the smartphone might shoot up.

All smartphones have also been rumored to provide support for wireless charging, but due to overheating prevention inside the phones as a result of adding the wireless charging circuit, more components will need to be added, which again could be targeted at the consumer paying a hefty premium for it. However, the plus side to owning the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone is that one report claims that due to improved engineering, it will feature nearly the same battery capacity as the one present in the iPhone 7 Plus, which is something that we’re looking forward to.

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