iPhone 6s Plus Confirmed To Have Smaller Battery But By How Much?


After the announcement of iPhone 6s Plus, the phablet sized smartphone was rumored to sport a smaller battery than its predecessor, iPhone 6 Plus. While it has finally been confirmed that the device does in fact featured a smaller battery capacity, what is its exact size? Let us find out.

iPhone 6s Plus To Have A Battery Capacity Of 2,750mAh – Latest Image Reveals All The Details

While rumors were circulating that iPhone 6s Plus would sport a smaller battery capacity as compared to its predecessor, the latest image finally reveals the details that we have been waiting to find out for a very long period. According to the image (given below), iPhone 6s Plus features a 2,750mAh cell, which is 165mAh less than the battery present in iPhone 6 Plus. While several consumers are skeptical that they will experience much smaller battery timings, Apple has incorporated some energy efficient components in its newly announced smartphones that will consume up less amounts of battery.

Starting off, the company’s A9 SoC, which has been processed under the 16nm FinFET/14nm FinFET process, is much more efficient as opposed to A8. Additionally, both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus feature a 20nm Cat 6 LTE modem from Qualcomm, which will also consume less battery life thanks when connected to carrier networks thanks to its smaller lithographic process. To top it all, iOS 9 has provided some significant improvements in the overall battery life and by following a few tips and tricks, iPhone users can drastically increase their smartphone’s operation timing too.

Additional specifications of iPhone 6s Plus includes 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Even though it is a whole gigabyte higher than Apple’s previous generation iPhones, they deliver more bandwidth while remaining efficient at the same time. Apart from being able to consume less battery life than its predecessor, iPhone 6s Plus also possesses a sturdier chassis, but the company has still retained the same capacity models as before; 16, 64 and 128GB. Pricing details of both smartphones have been listed below.

  • 16GB iPhone 6s – $199
  • 64GB iPhone 6s – $299
  • 128GB iPhone 6s – $399
  • 16GB iPhone 6s Plus – $299
  • 64GB iPhone 6s Plus – $399
  • 128GB iPhone 6s Plus – $499

Keep in mind that these are on-contract pricing details and if you want to get your hands on a device that comes without a contract, then it will definitely cost you a lot more. Fortunately, for we have compiled a detailed guide on how you can become the proud owner of an off-contract iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so if you are ever confused about which model to purchase, this guide will eradicate your decision making issues. As for the battery life, do you guys think that Apple did the right thing to reduce the overall capacity or was it a huge mistake on the company’s part. Do tell us your thoughts.