Apple to Start iPhone 6s Plus Manufacturing Plan in India as it Seeks This Market for Maintaining Market Share


The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus continue to be two of the most popular devices belonging to Apple and their hardware plus functionality speak volumes of their mobile computing prowess. The California-based tech giant had already started local manufacturing of the iPhone SE in India and aims to commence production of the iPhone 6s Plus to encourage locals to make purchasing it at affordable prices.

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According to the latest info from Economic Times, Wistron, Apple’s production partner has set up a new assembly line for the iPhone 6s Plus, so the phablet will start getting mass produced in a couple of weeks. So what real benefit will Apple have in producing the iPhone 6s Plus? For those that do not know, India is the second-largest smartphone market in terms of sheer volume, trailing just behind China.

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While expensive handsets like the iPhone X are still sold in the country, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Unlike the U.S., where buyers can purchase premium devices while still giving monthly payments that is added to their card bills, most countries in the world require citizens to pay upfront for the $999-priced iPhone X. This is not feasible for a lot of people, so it is more convenient to spend less money on a device that is a few years old but is still going strong.

The iPhone 6s Plus being produced locally will reduce the price for consumers by 5-7 percent, making it an attractive prospect for those that want performance, extended software support and pretty much any other thing that you would want in a device without spending ludicrous amounts of money.

One of the major reasons why Xiaomi has been able to gain such popularity in India is because of its competitive pricing. However, in the refurbished smartphone market, Apple is currently the king, and India is one of those regions where such category of mobile phones are sold in massive volumes.

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News Source: Economic Times