iPhone 6s Battery Issues Are Being Investigated by South Korean Authorities


Apple’s iPhone 6s battery problems was a widespread issue, with the tech giant officially releasing a statement informing users that the problem was related to exposure to ambient air much longer than other batches. With these issues being persistent, South Korea's industrial standardization bureau has stated that it will carry out its own series of investigations.

According to Authorities, the iPhone 6s Could Pose a Threat Equivalent to the Galaxy Note 7

Korean media states that The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) is looking into the matter because the cell present in the iPhone 6s could pose a similar threat like the Note 7’s battery. One KATS official, who did not want to be named states the following regarding the investigation being carried out by the authorities:

“The agency is well aware of recent iPhone issues and is taking a close look at it.”

Apple earlier said iPhone 6s devices that were manufactured between September and October 2015 showed battery malfunctions, adding that it will replace the battery for free. However, side by side, there are updates coming through that the problem is not just isolated to iPhone 6s units, but iPhone 6 devices as well, and keep in mind that these issues are occurring without a proper explanation.

Under the law, KATS actually has the authority to initiate a nation-wide recall of the iPhone 6s, and in order to get closer to the matter, it is in close talks with Apple Korea, which happens to be the local unit of Apple stationed in that region. Apple has continued to reiterate that the issue experienced by users is a very small percentage, but looking at how many units the company ends up selling in a single quarter, that would equate to a lot of users. However, the company has said that the shutdowns did not mean that the battery poses a significant safety hazard to users and that they should not be alarmed.

While the investigation is in its initial stages, what do you think is going to be the outcome? Tell us your thoughts right away.