iPhone 6s Plus To Feature Smaller Battery As Apple Relying On Other Features

With the iPhone 6s duo set to be with us in only a couple of weeks, leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming flagship have started to occur at an increasing pace. Courtesy of sources scattered throughout the world, we've managed to unearth nearly every specification related to Apple's flagship and heading into Apple's event said to take place on September the 9th, we should be quite comfortable as to what to expect from the company.

iPhone 6S to feature upgraded NFC Chip and 16 GB storage

Apple's iPhone 6s Plus Sees Reduction Of Battery Capacity Today

When it comes to the battery capacity of Apple's upcoming flagships, we've heard some not so good news over the past couple of weeks. According to information which has surfaced previously, the iPhone 6s Plus will be seeing reduced battery capacity meaning that Apple's really betting on its software/hardware integration this time around.

According to sources, the iPhone 6s Plus will see a battery of 2750 mAh, which when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus' pack of 2910 is a reduction of nearly 200 units. This might not seem a major difference when analyzed on paper, but when it comes down to daily usage, users should expect to see a difference, unless Apple has some other tricks up its sleeve.

Previously we've been hearing of the iPhone 6s duo utilizing SiP modular architecture which not only manages to save some internal space on the device, but also makes them more power efficient, which should help Apple with this reduced battery size. In addition, the iPhone 6s duo will also be coming with the Apple A9 on board, which according to information so far should be manufactured on the 16/14nm process.

This further reduction of the A9's die size should also help not only when it comes to performance improvements but also in power efficiency as well. And with iOS 9 also expected to feature some efficiency upgrades, Apple's reliance on a smaller iPhone 6s Plus battery size might just work out in the company's favor.

But one thing's for sure - if Apple reduces the battery size on its flagship smartphones, then we should expect the company face some more criticism from smartphone users all around boasting that their device does comes with a heftier battery than Apple's latest offerings. Nevertheless, real time device performance is what matters really and we'll find out more once Apple launches both the devices this September 9th. Find out more about the iPhone 6s' 'Hey Siri, Give us a hint' event and stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.


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