iPhone 6 Screen Size All But Confirmed

We have had lots of rumors on this one. We have seen quite a lot of concept phones also having crazy amount of screen sizes. Now according to recent rumors and semi-confirmed reports, the iPhone 6 will supposedly carry a 4.8 inch screen.

iPhone 6 May Sport 4.8 Inch Screen

According to a report related to a Taiwanese industrial chain, Apple was to start analysing and putting a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 on trial. Supporting this news is the WSJ. According to the online journal, Apple will out two large screen iPhones. These will reach consumers in the second half of 2014.


The Smaller version of the next iPhone is in it's final stages and will enter mass production soon. Little is known about the bigger screen iPhone 6, the screen size is purported to be around 5.5 or atleast bigger than 5", making it the first phablet from Apple, if indeed the rumors are true.

The iPhone 6 will also support the Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard according to some analysts. Among other probable features are the next generation Apple chipset, the A8. This will bring a notable improvement over the already powerful A7. The processor clock speed is rumored to be bumped to 1.9 Ghz.

Apple finally succumbs to the competition and will out larger screen iPhones. This was expected as the average joe agrees on 4.5-5 inch screen size to be the most desirable. All rumors point to the 4.7-5" being the probable iPhone 6 screen size, so expect it to be the same.

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