iPhone 6 Reversible Lightning Cable Pops Up Again – This Time In A Video

Ramish Zafar

With the latest in iPhone 6 hype being no apparently no sapphire glass and a purported reversible USB cable for the device, we seem to have plenty to look at until Apple releases the flagship device this September. The reversible USB lightning cable for the iPhone 6 has been the feature of a couple of posts and the chance seems high that Apple will end up shipping it alongside the iPhone 6.

The last of these leaks was credited to Sonny Dickson and the Australian has more in store for us today. Posted on his twitter, Sonny Dickson has shown what looks like to be a reversible USB lightning cable for the iPhone 6 in working. The cable is also shown to be in a box which reads Lightning to USB cable. Whether the packing is the official packing to launch with the iPhone 6 is yet to be known. However the ease with which it can be used is very apparent in the video.

The cable used in the video above appears to be the real deal when it comes to being a reversible USB cable. Whether it real is an authentic iPhone 6 accessory, that seems to be unknown as of yet. However, Sonny Dickson has been credited with some solid iPhone leaks in the past. If a reversible lightning cable really is coming with the iPhone 6 then we can wave on hassle in our daily lives goodbye. No longer will the need be there to check if the cable is in the right orientation when inserting it into notebooks. What a relief. Lets hope the rumors are true folks, and wait for September.



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