iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband Unlock Update


iPhone 4 users have now been relying on ultrasnOw and Gevey Sim largely for carrier unlock but many have been anxiously waiting for the 04.11.08 baseband unlock which cannot be unlocked currently by the aforementioned methods. However, the famous iPhone unlocker and hacker Sheriff Hashim has given some update regarding the desperate iPhone 4 users on 04.11.08 baseband after a very long time.

Currently ultrasnOw, which is a software based carrier unlock is only compatible with 01.59.00. Other basebands cannot be unlocked by ultrasnOw currently but they can be unlocked using Gevey Sim. These include 02.10.04, 03.10.01 and 04.10.01 baseband firmwares.

Sheriff Hasham revealed earlier today that he has resumed the tedious task of unlocking 04.11.08 in an update which is as follows:

[..] for those whom are still concerned YES i am still working on the VERY TIGHT bbfw 2.10-4.11 (i m taking that personal) after my -October 2010 found- vulnerabilities failed to achieve a payload injection vector despite the huge continuos trials and work done by the legendary @MuscleNerd, the great everlasting iOS hacker and guru, keeping in mind that there was a 10 months of halt due to the Egyptian revolution  , what i meant to say is that any new achievements -IF EVER POSSIBLE- regarding this issue will be notified either by this respectable iOS hacker or by the humble myself, NO NEED to ask because it won't make it achievable/earlier/easier. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this.

As he lives in Egypt his work was hindered by the Egyptian Revolution but he is finally back on track and will be done soon, however, he did not give any tentative release date but we can expect something soon for sure. He is also working on a software based unlock that is ultrasnOw for  the basebands currently compatible with Gevey Sim only, as mentioned earlier, in order to relieve the iPhone 4 users who are more interested in software based unlock.

It is yet to get done but as he has finally resumed the work we can expect something soon so stay tuned for further updates.