2018 iPhone Could Come With Iris Recognition Capabilities As Well As Other Notable Upgrades

2018 iPhone Could Come With Iris Recognition Capabilities As Well As Other Notable Upgrades

Apple’s 2018 iPhone is definitely going to be one to watch out for, because not only is it going to feature a notable chipset upgrade, it could have a feature that is going to be present on the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 as well.

Sources Close To The Matter Suggest That 2018 iPhone Will Come With Support For Wireless Charging And An Iris Scanner

It has not been confirmed if the iris scanner is going to replace the Touch ID interface on the 2018 iPhone (presumably called iPhone 8), but it would be a lethal combination if both security upgrades are present. This is because the iris scanner has a lot of areas to improve, and Apple’s Touch ID is notorious for being blazingly fast and accurate, and that’s due to thorough improvement of the fingerprint scanner present in company’s previous lineup of iPhones.

The iris scanner could also be used to facilitate online payments, but we’d still like to see the NFC payment system retained in the smartphone. Other notable features that we can expect to see from the upcoming iPhone is support for wireless charging. Of the things that must have caught Apple’s attention was LG’s subsidiary named LG Innotek, and its recent progress with wireless chargers that can deliver up to 15 watts of power to smartphones; Apple could partner with LG to produce a wireless charging circuit that could reduce the time it takes for the smartphone to charge completely with ‘no strings attached’.


Unfortunately, one thing that we fear will be a thing of the past is the iconic home button. Lots of Chinese manufacturers have attempted to be replicate that ‘all important’ home button on their own devices, and we believe that to reduce the overall thickness of the iPhone 8 family, the home button must be removed from the equation.

Furthermore, iPhone 8 is rumored to feature a massive 5.8-inch display, and with change, Apple will start to incorporate OLED screens instead of LCDs. In a nutshell, OLED screens have several advantages, which will be covered in a later topic, but its primary perk will be that it will deliver sharper images and consume less power, leading to improved battery life. Those are not the only improvements that we will be seeing in the next iPhones.


Since battery life will be greatly improved, what else will thoroughly improve your iPhone 8’s experience? The promise of raw computing power courtesy of the A11 SoC. It has been rumored that this chipset is going to be manufactured on the 7nm process.

What are your thoughts on seeing an iris scanner on the upcoming 2018 iPhone? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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