LG Hopes To Bridge The Smartphone Charging Gap With 15W Wireless Chargers


Wireless chargers from both LG and Samsung have provided users with a next platform of convenience but the South Korean tech firm is looking to come close to the performance of actual chargers.


LG Innotek Is Attempting To Bridge The Gap With 15W Wireless Chargers – Will They Be Bundled With Future Smartphones?

With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, it is possible to supercharge your smartphone’s battery from 0-80 percent in just 35 minutes, a feat that wireless chargers have not come even remotely close to achieving. However, LG Innotek, a subsidiary belonging to the company to produce a commercially viable modular smartphone called G5, is hell bent on closing that gap indefinitely.

A 15 watt wireless charging is three times faster than current generation wireless chargers, and the product has followed the standards set forth by the World Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance. Future wireless chargers from the company are going to be compatible with different smartphones that already have a wireless charging module incorporated inside of their housing. However, we feel that if LG want to get a slight advantage in an already saturated Android smartphone market, its next flagship devices and all those announced in the near future sporting a wireless charging module should come bundled with a 15W wireless charger.


While they should also sell aftermarket wireless charging products for mobile devices not being manufactured by them, it is always a great thing to see smartphones come with additional features rather than milking every penny from the consumer. Unfortunately, current generation wireless chargers will always lose some efficiency so it’s highly likely that 15W ones are going to suffer the same fate. However, the added convenience of being able to rapidly charging your mobile device without having to hard wire them is a feature we have been dying to see for quite some time now.


LG Innotek has not provided any pricing details of these future wireless chargers, but when we dived into the company’s official website, the most expensive one carried a retail price of $69.99. While details of the 15W wireless chargers are being kept in limbo for the time being, a price being upwards of $70 should be expected.