Apple Now Charges Nearly 50 Percent More to Replace Your iPhone 14 Battery

Apple Now Charges Nearly 50 Percent More to Replace Your iPhone 14 Battery

The iPhone 14 lineup gets a slight battery capacity increase (except for the iPhone 14 Pro Max) compared to its direct predecessors, but that does not mean Apple will charge the same sum to replace the batteries. According to the company’s latest estimates, customers will now be charged nearly 50 percent to replace the cell that fuels the devices.

Customers Can Subside These Battery Replacement Costs by Subscribing to AppleCare+

Where iPhone 13 owners only had to pay $69 to replace the battery, Apple now charges customers $99 for the same service on the iPhone 14 models. This results in an increase of 43 percent, but it will only apply to customers who avail the service out of the standard one-year warranty period or without AppleCare+. With AppleCare+, battery replacements are free, though customers will still be required to pay monthly or annual coverage free if they want to remain eligible for future replacements.

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It is unclear why Apple has increased charges for its after-sales services. Depending on the usage, the first component to start displaying any degradation is the iPhone 14 battery, so from a business perspective, Apple is cashing this opportunity as best it can. Also, given the global economy right now, paired with increased component costs, it is possible Apple is not doing this deliberately but simply passing the battery costs to customers.

Assuming you have not noticed, Apple went against countless rumors and retained the same pricing structure for the iPhone 14 lineup as the iPhone 13, starting from $799 for the regular models and $999 for the ‘Pro’ variants. Rumors suggested that while the non-Pro models would be sold at the same price, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would be at least $50 more expensive thanks to increased component costs caused by global inflation and the number of upgrades future customers would get.

Apple could be absorbing the reduced profit margin by keeping the exact price of the iPhone 14 series as last year but compensating its losses by charging customers higher for battery replacements and other costs. Regardless, what do you think of these price increases? Let us know in the comments.

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