iPhone 12 Pro Might Skip on 120Hz Screen Due to Supply Issues

Furqan Shahid
iPhone 12 Pro

All eyes are waiting for the upcoming iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and considering how every big and small player in the industry has finally shifted focus to using screens with higher refresh rates, the expectations are the same. I know it might sound strange at this point but if you have experienced a screen with a higher refresh rate, it might be impossible for you to go back. Apple's iPhone 12 Pro is said to have a 120Hz refresh rate display, but based on the recent tip from an industry insider, it might not happen because of supply issues.

Apple May Have to Skip on 120Hz Screen on the iPhone 12 Pro Due to Issues with Supply

The tip is coming from Ross Young, and industry insider who's also is a lead analyst at DisplaySearch; his tips in the past have been on point with regards to most of the displays we are seeing in the smartphones available, so there is certainly some weight to this. Whether or not this is true with the iPhone 12 Pro is still something we have to see, but for your consideration, the tweet can be seen below.

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Now unlike his tweets about other phones, there is still a possibility that Apple could get their hands on the driver ICs for the higher refresh rate display just in time, but if that does not happen, they may have to delay the launch, which would not be ideal, so in order to compensate for that, they'll just have to go with a 60Hz refresh rate on iPhone 12 Pro and keep the higher refresh rate for the next rendition of the iPhone 12 Pro that will launch.

We heard that the iPhone 12 Pro might be getting a higher refresh rate screen recently by another insider, but this one seems to have more weight to it due to how credible the source has been in the past. Whether or not this is going to happen is still something we have to see until Apple announces the iPhone 12 lineup later this year.

With Apple already confirming that the iPhone 12 launch is going to be delayed by a few weeks, this seems to be an issue they will need to address quickly.

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