iPhone 12 To Have 5G, Motion Control; iPhone 11 Demand Healthy


Apple's iPhone 11 lineup seems to be performing strongly if we believe a handful of reports for the smartphones' demand. The company not only reduced the iPhone's entry price this year, but it also brought the only LCD iPhone within the same branding as its OLED compatriots. The changes, powered by an excellent A13 processor seem to be working, and today we've got another analyst reporting about them and about the features of next year's iPhones. Take a look below for more details.

iPhone 12 Will Feature 5G Across The Board - iPhone 11 Performing Healthily In Terms Of Market Demand

If we're honest, Apple's again made only a handful of upgrades on the iPhone this year and tried to pass them under a new generation. When compared to last year's smartphones, the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the same display, same form factor and same 3D recognition setup. But they feature an upgraded processor with a 20% performance gain across the CPU, GPU and NPU. The A13 also includes improved voltage management over its predecessor, the A12. Additionally, Apple's improved the front camera in a big way this year and added new sensors to each of last year's iPhones.

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Does this suffice for a generational upgrade? You be the judge, as we're here to report facts. Speaking of which, the good folks over at Wedbush securities are out with an analyst report today. The report covers early demand for the iPhones 11, and more importantly, it speculates on what to expect from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) for the iPhone 12.

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We'll have to start with the boring shipment estimates first, so if you're interested in the iPhone 12, you can skip this portion. Not only Wedbush, but Barclays too is optimistic about Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup shipments. Wedbush believes that iPhone 11 demand has beaten expectations in China, and the iPhones 11 Pro are proving to be popular in the US. Based on this, analyst Dan Ives believes that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might sell 185 million iPhones in the fiscal year 2020.

Barclays, for its part, has revised Apple's price estimates. The investment bank's revised estimate is $224/share, up from $207. This revision is also based on "slightly better than expected demand for the iPhone 11". However, the bank has reduced ASP estimates for the 2019 iPhone lineup since the improved demand is based on the iPhone 11 selling well. Finally, Barclays isn't optimistic about Apple's stock as the bank maintains an Equal-Weight rating for the stock, insinuating that the stock will perform similarly to others in its portfolio.

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iPhone 12 Will Feature 5G On All Variants & Apple Will Launch An Additional Flagship iPhone Next Year Believes Analyst

Coming to the juicy details, analyst Dan Ives believes that Apple will expand the iPhone lineup next year. And no, we're not referring to the mythical iPhone SE 2 here. Dan reports that not only will Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) launch four iPhone 12 variants next year, but that all these devices will feature 5G. These details do not follow a supply chain report for next year's iPhones which suggested that we'll get three iPhone 12s, with all devices featuring OLED displays and only two featuring 5G. The second report, however, did corroborate a technical expose´ that surfaced in July for the 2020 devices.

Additionally, the Wedbush analyst also believes that Apple will introduce a 3D sensor setup at the back of the iPhone 12 lineup. The company will also equip them with the ability to control motion; although we're uncertain about what this means. Since today's details clash with the two reports we've linked above, we'd advise you to take them with a grain of salt for now. What Apple really needs to change on the iPhone is the design, and based on early whispers, we're uncertain if the company will.

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