iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max Camera Samples [Official Gallery]


The Apple iPhone 12 series is finally official and each and every device from Apple has been revealed today and should be available to everyone in the coming months. As always, Apple was heavy on the bragging about doing a lot of things that other companies have not and for all the right reasons.

The one thing that Apple really talked about in today's event is the cameras on all the iPhones, starting all the way from iPhone 12 Mini to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The cameras are great and there is no denying that. But to further prove that and to prove the naysayers wrong, we have the official image gallery that Apple has shared and before we show how it looks, we have to tell you that the images do look good and the iPhone 12 series is going to give some serious competition to other smartphones this year.

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The iPhone 12 Official Camera Samples Look Like a Photographer's Dream Come True

The camera system on the iPhone 12 series is pretty revolutionary to say the least and for a lot of reasons. But instead of talking about it, we are going to let you have a look at it. We are going to start by showing you the camera samples of the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12.

I have to be honest, being someone who uses their smartphone for photography all the time, I can tell you that I am thoroughly impressed by how good the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini can do as far as the cameras are concerned. But if that is not enough for you then check below to see what the Pro series is capable of.

The reason why the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is able to take such good photos is that the 12 Pro Max brings a 47 percent larger sensor that has 1.7μm pixels which result in a massive 87 percent improvement in lowlight conditions. You are also getting the expansive ultra-wide camera and a 65 mm focal length telephoto camera system that will allow you to have a much more flexible experience as far as the pictures are concerned.

Needless to say, being a photographer, I am more than impressed with the new devices and the camera systems they bring. Not just that, I am really looking forward to using Apple's ProRAW feature that will revolutionize taking RAW photos and editing them directly through the phone or your favourite 3rd party photo editing apps.