iPhone 12 Will Feature LCD Display If iPhone 11 Maintains Sales Trajectory

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Since we've got 11 months before the 2020 iPhone lineup is official, the only reports for the smartphones that are surfacing right now are speculation. The majority of leaks for the smartphones start to take place when Apple relays manufacturing and assembly instructions to its supply chain. Prior to this, the information that does surface mostly results from suppliers looking to expand their facilities. On this note, we've got a new supply chain report today that counters earlier details that have surfaced for the iPhone 12 lineup. Take a look below for more.

iPhone 12 Might Feature LCD Displays Should Postive iPhone 11 Demand Continue Course Speculates Apple's Supply Chain

This year, Apple did what everyone expected it to with the iPhones 11. The Cupertino tech giant has gotten lazy with the lineup's design of late, as it chooses to focus on critical performance areas such as microprocessing and 3D depth mapping. This focus has ensured that the iPhone 11 lineup comes with a three-year-old form factor with the only changes to the smartphones' aesthetics being a new back finish and a triple camera setup.

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With the 2018 and 2019 iPhones Apple focused on incentivizing older users to upgrade by launching 'budget' iPhones. While this strategy didn't pan out as the company would have liked with the iPhone XR, it seems to be working with the device's successor if we're to believe early supply chain and market reports. This popularity of the iPhone 11 among users with older devices, however, might make Apple shift gears with the iPhone 12 in 2020.

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In a fresh report, analysts of Apple's Taiwanese supply chain believe that the Cupertino tech giant will continue to use LCD on the iPhone next if healthy demand for the iPhone 11 continues. The rationale behind this is that Apple will proceed to order LCD panels in bulk, and chose to use them on next year's smartphones as well. This speculation counters earlier reports suggesting that while the company will move to an all-OLED iPhone 12 lineup next year, it will nevertheless differentiate the smartphones based on 5G.

Additionally, should Apple choose to reuse the iPhone 11's display panels on the iPhone 12, it will have effectively transformed the device into a midrange with an advanced SoC. After all, an LCD panel on a smartphone that's the part of a flagship brand is an overkill - even by Apple's standards. Furthermore, it's also possible that Apple chooses to launch the iPhone SE 2 with an LCD panel instead - but then the company will have to adapt to a smaller screen size.

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