iPhone 12 Keynote Has Begun Recording at Apple Park, Claims Tipster; Unveiling Could Be Held in September


With the iPhone 12 family slated to arrive in September, that makes it less than a month for the fresh month to start right? This would mean Apple wants everything in order so that its upcoming keynote goes as smoothly as possible. According to a tipster, that’s exactly what’s happening, with Apple Park seemingly being the venue where the iPhone 12 keynote is being recorded.

Sadly, Official iPhone 12 Keynote Dates Weren’t Provided by the Tipster

A tweet from LeaksApplePro talks about the iPhone 12 keynote already being recorded at the Apple Park, suggesting that the company’s executives may be doing several retakes before they pick the final clip that will be aired during the month of September. After all, it’s the most important event for the technology giant so why wouldn’t it want to get it right?

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It’s also the event where Apple is said to announce a total of four iPhone 12 models, so customers will have plenty of options to choose from. However, the iPhone 12 keynote might also host the unveiling of several other products, ranging from the AirPods Studio to the HomePod Mini, the Tile-like AirTags, AirPower, the new low-cost iPhone 8, as well as the 2020 Apple TV. In short, it definitely looks like Apple will have its hands full during the event, as there are several products expected to be showcased to the public.

However, the stars of the show will be the iPhone 12 lineup, so we’re sure Tim Cook will probably ensure that this particular segment goes as smoothly and as exciting as possible. The interesting thing about this revelation is that LeaksApplePro’s Twitter account was made in July of 2020, so there’s no way of knowing whether this information is true or not. Like always, we recommend treating all of these details with a pinch of salt and await further updates.

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News Source: Twitter (LeaksApplePro)