iPhone 12 Can Take a Fall: Apple Shares New ‘Fumble’ Ad Highlighting Benefits of Ceramic Shield


Apple is always active and running when it comes to promoting its recently launched products. The iPhone 12 series was released a few months back and the company is working its best to educate users on the benefits of the divide. One of the most talked-about features of the iPhone 12 was the incorporation of the Ceramic Shield glass for enhanced durability. Now, the company has shared a new 'Fumble' ad on YouTube which highlights the benefits of the strengthened Ceramic Shield glass on the iPhone 12.

Apple Shares New 'Fumble' Ad on YouTube That Promotes the Ceramic Shield Glass on the iPhone 12 Series

Last week, Apple shared an ad on YouTube titled 'Cook' that also shared the benefits of the Ceramic Shield glass on iPhone 12. The guy basically dropped his iPhone 12 several times, filling it with flour and more. Now, the company's latest ad 'Fumble' addresses the benefits of hardened glass when you accidentally drop it. The description of the video reads, "iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone."

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Apple used the same "Relax, it's iPhone" phrase last month as well which seems to show the company's iPhone 12 campaign. For your ease, we have embedded the ad below so you can watch it right here. The ad shows a woman casually strolling on the street and on a call. She stumbles and fumbles as the iPhone 12 is dropped on the ground. Upon checking, the iPhone 12 is safe and sound, hence the tag "Relax, it's iPhone." The iPhone 12 series Ceramic Shield glass for enhanced durability and the ad shows just that.

Apple is continuously working to make its products more durable every year with a stronger glass and other materials. While it is for the benefit of the consumer, Apple does tout that the iPhone 12 series feature the strongest glass ever on a smartphone. However, glass is glass and it is still prone to breaking. It would be better to put a case just in case. Head over to Apple's YouTube channel for more ads.

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