Some iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone SE Model Are Losing Color From Their Aluminum Shell, According to Owners


Some iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and 2020 iPhone SE owners are reporting about the color fading from the aluminum shell of their devices. While this is not even close to the disaster that users experienced with the bend-gate saga, it is still something to ponder upon and wonder if Apple is using an inferior technique for the paint job.

Issues of Color Fading Are Limited, but Owners Complaining Can Mean There Might Be Some Difference in Paint Job Quality

The image gallery below shows a PRODUCT(RED) ‌iPhone 12 whose color has worn out from the side, revealing an orange fade. Svetapple reports that this particular iPhone was placed in a transparent case, so it means that no friction took place that was in direct contact with the side of the iPhone. However, the problem does not appear to be limited to iPhone 12 models.

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According to MacRumors forum member tl01, his son’s iPhone has shown signs of discoloration too. Then again, there is an explanation provided by another member stating that this could have been due to anodized aluminum’s exposure to UV light.

“It’s possible the case had a chemical reaction with the anodized aluminum,[This has happened multiple times to other members with various model iPhones]. I’m not sure if they’re both using the same cases, but that would be my Educated guess. If it concerns you, You’re looking at a warranty exchange at best.

Coloured aluminium will fade unfortunately and as we know even with a red car, it starts changing colour the moment it is exposed to UV light. Red is perhaps the worst colour for pigment change in just about any format from printing ink to coloured dyes.”

Apple has not yet responded to the issue, but since it appears to have affected a limited number of users, it cannot be considered widespread. It is also not clear if Apple will provide a replacement for devices showing any color loss, so iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE owners will likely have to continue using them unless they decide to upgrade to a newer model.

If and when that happens, we recommend avoiding colored aluminum finishes like the PRODUCT(RED) versions, at least for now.

News Source: Svetapple