iPad Pro Pro Apps? Very Unlikely According To Developers

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Nov 21, 2015

With the launch of Apple’s iPad Pro, the company has slightly reduced the functionality gap between its notebooks and tablets, despite the fact that the 12.9 inch slate runs iOS. However, there is still one hurdle that stands in the way of consumers and developers from unlocking the true potential of iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Pro Apps? Very Unlikely According To Developers

Due To Apple’s App Store Policies, It Is Difficult To Roll Out Dedicated Applications Of iPad Pro

According to a source, the issue for developers was long before the release of iPad Pro. Developers have complained since quite a long period that thanks to Apple’s App Store policies, creating iOS versions of popular Mac apps is a goal that is currently unachievable. Several developers have shared their issues up front, with the core problems listed below:

There are two key problems; first off, the pro applications are much more expensive compared to regular apps, and obviously before purchasing, users would want some kind of guarantee or at least trial period to satisfy themselves before they proceed to purchase the complete version of that app (the same approach should be followed before purchasing complete versions of current generation video game titles). While free trials are usual the only way to achieve this with desktop apps, the App Store unfortunately does not allow them to offer the same option for iOS apps. One developer has shared his thoughts below:

“Sketch on the Mac costs $99, and we wouldn’t dare ask someone to pay $99 without having seen or tried it first. So to be sold through the App Store, we would have to dramatically lower the price, and then, since we’re a niche app, we wouldn’t have the volume to make up for it.”

iPad Pro Pro Apps? Very Unlikely According To Developers

One other issue that needs to be brought into the light is that if a complex application has been developed, then according to a source, paid upgrades will help to improve that overall experience. Unfortunately, even this is not supported by Apple on the App Store, and you will definitely be hearing quite a lot of negative feedback from the consumer when the subject of paid upgrades has been brought to surface.

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With iPad Pro finally providing support for an accessory more commonly known as Apple Pencil, it opens up a lot of doors for developers to release applications that will deliver a whole new layer of flexibility for consumers. However, again the same issue arises, which ultimately prevents both developers and users alike from recognizing the true potential of a large screen tablet. With the amount of firepower packed inside iPad Pro, it is extremely simple for the product to handle larger loads, but all of that processing power is currently going to waste, for now at least.