Is an iPad Pro Compatible With Apple’s Pro Display XDR? New Video Shows the Tablet Offers Much More

iPad Pro Is Effortlessly Compatible With Apple’s Pro Display XDR

Apple’s 6K Pro Display XDR monitor is one of the craziest products of this year and geared towards creative professionals. It costs a whopping $4999 and its stand alone costs $999. For connectivity, the Pro Display XDR hooks up via a Thunderbolt 3 port, since that’s possibly the only port capable of pushing this much bandwidth through another machine like the MacBook Pro.

However, Apple’s latest iPad Pro family is also relatively powerful and what’s even better is that both 11-inch and 12.9-inch variants ship with a USB-C port instead of the company’s proprietary Lightning port. Will that make it much easier for the tablet to hook up to the Pro Display XDR? Let us find out.

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Users Can Also View HDR Content on an iPad Pro When It’s Connected to the Pro Display XDR

Jonathon Morrison is firing up on all cylinders as far as his coverage of the Pro Display XDR goes. When asked if the iPad Pro was compatible with Apple’s highest-resolution monitor to date, it didn’t take long for the YouTuber to post a mini-clip. Sure enough, Morrison had initial reservations about the iPad Pro being compatible with the Pro Display XDR, primarily because the iPad Pro features a USB-C port, while the Pro Display XDR sports a Thunderbolt 3 port.

Regardless, when he plugs in Apple’s most powerful tablet to the monitor, there’s a seamless connection between the two products, with the Pro Display XDR outputting the iPad Pro’s UI. However, it looks like Apple has taken a step further to ensure that customers have the best possible media consumption experience. Morrison decides to search around the iPad Pro settings and finds out that there are dedicated Pro Display XDR tweaks that users can make, such as switching to HDR content for your viewing pleasure.

He also demonstrates how seamless it is to play Netflix content from the iPad Pro while outputting the content to the Pro Display XDR in HDR. Now this is certainly a time to be alive. It also shows Apple’s clean ‘plug and play’ integration of its products. Even though the iPad Pro isn’t listed in the compatibility section of the monitor’s tech specs page, it still hooks up to the Pro Display XDR like it was originally meant to.

To be fair, the iPad Pro isn’t short on horsepower, with a few benchmarks showing it is nearly on par with Intel’s 6-core mobile processors. If you’re going to take advantage of all that performance, you might as well hook it to the Pro Display XDR and get started. After all, with iPadOS officially available, there’s also mouse and keyboard support to help with a little productivity.

News Source: Twitter (Jonathon Morrison)

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