iPad 5 Dimensions And Design Hinted At By Leaked Schematics

This has actually been the longest time in Apple's history that it has not released a new product. iPad mini was released back in October 2012, nearly nine months back, and in all this time there has been no new product coming out of Cupertino. All eyes are on Apple to unveil its next generation iPad tablet. Some believe that it will be released this year, while others don't see it coming until next year. What about the device itself though? There have been many rumors about it, as is the case with upcoming Apple products. Now purported leaked schematics of this device have surfaced, which hint at iPad 5 dimensions and design.


A redesign of the iPad is long overdue. After releasing the iPad 2 in 2011, which had a revamped design as opposed to the first iPad, Apple has kept the design of its full-fledged tablet the same. There have been no changes whatsoever. Three generations of iPads have touted the same design, so naturally everybody is curious about iPad 5 dimensions and design. We've heard many rumors about them, it is expected that Apple's next generation tablet will have similar design language to the iPad mini.

iPad 5 dimensions

iPad mini's design language has been widely appreciated. Its a thin device with narrow bezels, which makes the display up front look even better, and also gives the illusion of "edge-to-edge" glass. On the back there are curved corners, a design element borrowed for old iPod touch and iPhone. These schematics list iPad 5 dimensions as 232mm x 178.5mm. If you compare this figure with the iPad 4, which is 241mm in length and 185.8mm in width, the next generation iPad should definitely be touting a thinner and sleeker profile. Its expected to be just 7.9mm thin, the iPad mini is merely 7.2mm thin, so if we put everything we've heard about iPad 5 dimensions and design over the past few months, Apple's new tablet is going to be very thin.


Obviously there's no way of confirming if these purported schematics are actually real or not. They were initially posted online by NoWhereElse, a French website. If a substantial redesign of the next generation iPad is going to happen, then we can expect radical changes in iPad 5 dimensions. They believe that Apple will unveil the new iPad in September and will release it to the public in October. That sounds much like the release time-frame of iPhone 5S. From what I've heard, iPad 5 isn't going to be unveiled before 2014.

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