iPad 10 Undergoes Durability Test, But Fails Miserably, Despite Being Slightly More Expensive

Omar Sohail
iPad 10 Undergoes Durability Test

Apple’s iPad 10 was supposed to be the company’s low-cost offering complementing the tablet range, but the company decided to increase its base price while offering a few upgrades to customers. Unfortunately, its build quality was not prioritized in those upgrades, as shown in a YouTuber’s durability test video.

iPad 10 snaps from the middle, which is a common weakness for larger-display tablets

With its $449 starting price tag for the Wi-Fi-only model, you would expect the iPad 10 to be a little more sturdy thanks to its all-metal chassis, but Zach from JerryRigEverything proves the majority of us wrong. For some reason, he decided to perform the durability test on the pink version of the 10.9-inch tablet, but the color does not matter when the materials used are the same.

The YouTuber takes the iPad 10 through its paces, performing scratch and burn tests, which it passes successfully. Since the display of the slate uses IPS LCD technology, the pixels recover when the flame of the lighter is moved away. However, the tablet does not recover under the bend test, and in the past, we have seen larger display products break from the middle, as that is where the structural weakness is present.

One thing to note is that the iPad 10 breaks where the three contact points are present, which Apple placed, so the tablet attaches to the company’s Magic Keyboard accessory. The opposite side, where the contact points are not present, showed a little more sturdiness when the device was bent hard, indicating that Apple may not have reinforced the area where the contact points are present, which is disappointing to see.

In an earlier review roundup, several media outlets and YouTubers who got their hands on the iPad 10 complained about the expensive price tag, and now, customers may have another reason to stay away from such a purchase. Apple may have realized that at $449, not many people will be encouraged to pick it up, which is why the company continues to sell the iPad 9 for $329 on its website, which is also compatible with the Magic Keyboard.

News Source: JerryRigEverything

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