All iOS Devices Can Be Hacked Claims Israeli Firm Cellebrite

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When it comes to Apple vs Android, Android users often have to face questions about their operating system's security. Apple's CEO Tim Cook is eager to assert that his company is dedicated to ensuring that user data does not fall into the wrong hands. However, vulnerabilities are present in the company's ecosystem. Now, a firm is claiming that it can penetrate all of Apple's iOS devices. Take a look below for more details.

Isreali Firm Claims That Any iOS Device Is Hackable - Including Apple's 2018 iPhone Lineup And The iPad Pro

Apple's iOS 13 should patch many security vulnerabilities found in the company's earlier software. It's a known fact that the Cupertino tech giant has clamped down on iOS jailbreaks recently. Ever since launching Apple Pay, Apple has been forced to ensure that users' financial data is stored, and can be accessed, securely; even if it comes at the expense of customization on the iPhone.

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Today, we've got a report from AppleInsider (spotted by Forbes) that sheds light onto the services offered by Israeli firm Cellebrite. The firm claims that it can extract all the files present on 'any' iOS device. While this might sound intriguing at first, we're not certain that these claims will be able to bypass iOS 13, which is still in the beta stages.

From the company's website.

Cellebrite claims that through its services, law enforcement and military personnel can determine passcodes and perform full file-system extraction. Apple has previously raised concerns about such tools being available on the black market for purchase, and we've seen the company's fears come true as well. Cellebrite, in its defense, has claimed that its tools require the iPhone or iPad to be physically present. The company's argument makes sense, as Apple users are generally advised to manage their devices through iCloud in case of theft or other events.

If you're interested in Cellebrite's tools, then be on the lookout for the company advertising workarounds with iOS 13. Of course, it's possible that such workarounds already exist, but to discuss these, we'll have to don our tinfoil hats. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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