iOS 9.0.2 Released With Crucial Security Fix


iOS 9 released a mere two weeks back, bringing under the hood enhancements and some visual upgrades. iOS 9 was released for a wide range of iOS running devices, including the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and the iPod Touch 5G. With such a huge number of devices at its sleeves, iOS 9 had to keep up with the changing technology as well as the previous generation ones. However, it did not come out as expected. iOS 9 had some major visual issues like stuttering and lags, while some problems contributed to a major security loophole.


To cater to these exploits, Apple released an update of its iOS 9 operating system iOS 9.0.2 with a version 12A452. The update provides system bug fixes as well as app based bug fixes. The update comes in at 72 MB in size and is applicable for the aforesaid previous generation devices as well.

Let's see what amendments have Apple made in its latest iOS 9.0.2 update for various devices.

Apple Patched iOS 9 Major Security Exploit

The security exploit in iOS 9 is accessible by hijacking Siri, that guides us to the next step. The exploit is not that hard to perform, even an average person, with your locked iPhone, has the ability to see your personal photos and contacts. As annoying as it sounds, Apple has finally released the fix in todays iOS 9.0.2 update. You can find more about iOS 9 security flaw here.

As for the security bug CVE-2015-5923, Apple has patched up the vulnerable paths that lead an unauthorized person to your photos and contacts. Apple restricted several options on the lock screen that led this exploit to be patched and secure.

However, apart from the security fix, the iOS 9.0.2 update also revolves around other fixes. App cellular data usage had an issue of turning on or off, which has now been fixed in the update. Moreover, some users had issues that prevented them from activating iMessage, while other users faced inturrupted manual backups. Users also experienced incorrect screen rotation when notifications were received. In the stability department, Podcasts are now more seamless and fluid.

Apple has always been keen on the provision of fixes, that happens in a matter of days. However, we have no idea what other issues and problems rests in iOS 9. We hope Apple releases major stability updates for iOS 9 for a much smoother experience. As for now, let us know in the comments if you have faced any problems before upgrading to iOS 9.0.2.