iOS 9 Will Be Able To Delete App Data To Make Space For Software Updates

Omar Sohail

After Apple dispatched its OS X El Capitan Beta 2 to developers, along with iOS 9 Beta 2, these diligent individuals were able to locate a very handy feature concerning the overall space of iOS devices. While the feature does not possess an official name, we will just refer to it as a highly useful iOS 9 space management feature. This feature will help to free up sufficient space by temporarily removing app data in order to pave the way to install future iOS updates. Sounds nifty right?

iOS 9 Will Have A Pop Up That Will Request User To Free Storage For Future iOS Updates

In the near future, when you attempt to install iOS 9 on an iPhone or iPad that has a low storage count, a pop up will sprout up in front of you. If you agree to follow what it says, then iOS 9 will cleverly be able to free up space by removing app data temporarily in order to make sufficient room for updating purposes.

Since several users have purchased the base storage model of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (which is 16 GB, minus the amount of space that the operating system consumes) and have since run into low storage issues. Apple's large iOS 8 update didn't help things either. Since the update possessed a storage count of 4 GB, an abounding number of iPhone users were not able to update their devices successfully.

Now that Apple plans to up the base storage model to 32 GB in its upcoming iPhone 6s duo, that, coupled with the latest feature from iOS 9, pretty soon, that low memory warning will be the least worrisome thing to get all flustered about. In fact, Macrumors states that Apple has significantly reduced the installation size of the operating system to a modicum 1.3 GB, which will make it much easier for users to find space to update their mobile devices. Another feature called app thinning has been discovered by developers, which will help to free up space on devices by installing only the necessary app assets for each mobile device.

So far, iOS 9 seems to look impressive each time a new feature gets unveiled. Let us hope that the update is worth the wait.


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