iOS 16 Will Alert You When Counterfeit AirPods Are Being Paired With Your iPhone

iOS 16 Will Alert You When Counterfeit AirPods Are Being Paired With Your iPhone

Apple continues to roll out features in software updates that help users get more informed if the parts or product they are using with their iPhone is genuine. With the release of iOS 16 RC to developers on Wednesday, it was found that if you are using counterfeit AirPods, you will receive an alert.

Some Counterfeit AirPods Can Behave Just Like the Original, Showing up Battery and Pairing Indicators

Before we get into the details, we want to remind readers that counterfeit AirPods can behave in the same manner as the original. Users can view similar notifications as when they would pair original AirPods, such as pairing alerts and a battery indicator. These sorts of additions make it difficult for buyers to determine if the wireless earbuds they have purchased are authentic.

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Counterfeit AirPods sellers have also gone the extra mile to incorporate serial numbers that actually show up on Apple’s website, so it is almost as if the people behind their inception thought of everything. Fortunately, 9to5Mac reports that there is a way to combat this, thanks to a feature in iOS 16, which shows the following message when you try to connect a counterfeit product.

“These headphones could not be verified as genuine AirPods and may not behave as expected.”

A ‘Learn More’ button is also present, redirecting users to a support article on Apple’s website to educate them on how to identify original AirPods. The alert will also give the user the option not to connect to these wireless earbuds, but for now, there is no way of completely disabling their functionality.

Still, it is hard not to imagine that a feature that prevents counterfeit AirPods from working with an iPhone or iPad is added in the future.

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