You Cannot Buy an iPhone 14 Model in the U.S. With a Physical SIM Slot

You Cannot Buy an iPhone 14 Model in the U.S. With a Physical SIM Slot

Apple has introduced iPhones with eSIM support in the past, and those models have also been sold in the U.S. Any smartphone that supports eSIM functionality means that either there will be space to accommodate a single physical SIM card plus an eSIM or no cards at all. Apple, which is no stranger to controversy, has decided to launch all iPhone 14 models in the U.S. without a physical SIM slot.

In Terms of Security, eSIM Versions of the iPhone 14 Cannot Be Stolen

Depending on your current predicament, an all-eSIM iPhone 14 will bring some benefits to the table and some drawbacks. With an eSIM, you can connect to a cellular network without having to insert a physical card. Gone are the days when premium smartphones had easily-removable backs that allowed users to swap out an old battery for a new one and switch SIM cards quickly.

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With current-generation models, if you needed to swap your old physical SIM card, you would also need to have a SIM removal tool on hand or a paper clip as the bare minimum. With an iPhone 14 featuring eSIM technology, you can have multiple SIM profiles on a single phone, so technically, switching between cellular plans becomes a walk in the park. Also, it becomes more cumbersome for a thief to steal an iPhone 14, and since that person cannot insert a different SIM card, tracking a stolen iPhone will be easier.

In short, thieves will be putting themselves at risk. Unfortunately, if you are traveling to a different country, where it is a common practice to purchase a local SIM card, you cannot do that with the iPhone 14 now. Though eSIM technology is slowly being adopted in different countries, it can become more than just an inconvenience if you have to travel to a region where physical SIM cards are in high demand.

Apple did mention that this change is specifically for customers in the U.S., meaning that other countries will continue to receive iPhone 14 models with dual physical SIM slots or a single SIM + eSIM combo, though in the coming years, these slots will likely be phased out.

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