iOS 13 Now Installed on Almost 80% of Compatible Devices – Total Active iPhones, iPads and Macs Hit 1.5 Billion Milestone

1.5 Billion Active Devices

Last year Apple stated that it had 900 million iPhones running in the market alongside 1.4 billion active devices. Now, after Apple announced its first fiscal quarterly earning for 2020, the company has set an all-time high. Tim Cook revealed that Apple now has 1.5 billion active devices running in the wild. Scroll down for more stats.

Apple Reaches 1.5 Billion Active Devices Milestone, iOS 13 Adoption Rests at Almost 80 Percent

As mentioned earlier, Apple's active devices have set an all-time high, reaching the 1.5 billion mark and setting a major milestone. What this means is that more users now hold Apple devices. However, while Tim Cook shared this piece of information, what we don't know is whether the iPhone has crossed the one billion mark.

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Apart from hitting the 1.5 billion active devices mark, we also got to know that iOS 13 adoption rate is nearing 80 percent. This means that iOS 13 is now running on almost 80 percent of the devices that support it. To be precise, the company updated its developer website to reflect that 77 percent of “all devices introduced in the last four years use iOS 13”. In contrast, iOS 12 rests at 17 percent and older versions of the mobile operating system rest at 6 percent.

1.5 Billion Active Devices

To break it down, overall 70 percent of devices in the world are running iOS 13, 23 percent are running iOS 12 and 7 percent of devices are running the earlier versions of the operating system. Apart from Apple hitting the 1.5 billion active devices mark, iPadOS has also seen plenty of growth. In this segment, 79 percent 'of all devices introduced in the last four years use iPadOS'. In the same category, 19 percent of devices are running iOS 12 and 2 percent of devices running an even older version of the operating system.

Apple has seen record-breaking earnings for the first fiscal quarterly earnings for 2020. If you want to see more details on the subject, check out our in-depth coverage of Apple's first fiscal quarterly earnings for 2020.

Do you think the iPhone is nearing in to hit the one billion mark? Sound off in the comments, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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