The last investment opportunity Aperture science has to offer, boots.

Apr 12, 2011

This is the first Aperture science trailer which doesn't showcase the 2 bots from the co op campaign, instead the star of this video is Portal's protagonist her self Chell. She demonstrates the power of the boots she wears, these boots allow her to fall from gigantic heights without losing her ability to walk

Although this was plenty demonstrated in the first Portal game where a high fall wouldn't kill Chell (Unless you fell in the dirty water) Cave Johnson has decided to conclude the investment opportunity videos by showing these boots were made for Portals and not for walking. I love how Valve advertises their games, I mean the part where the strecher was meant for the Portal gun rather than the dead test subject was pure hilarity! Ever since Left 4 Dead, Valve has certainly mastered the art of persuading people to buy games on 0 day and getting them excited for said game without much effort.

EA could take a page out of Valves book if they want to beat Modern Warfare 3, and hey EA could save money and save the $100 million dollars elsewhere :D. and give a tenth of that money to Valve for ad's instead 😛