Intel’s Reduces CPU Prices


It is one of that time of the year again, when Intel decides to reduce those mean and nasty high price  tags on CPU's and reduce them so that, a bit more of the "tech" population may afford it.

The new comers, in the list is the six-core Gulftown Core i7-970 that is priced at $899 at Newegg (and $855 as the figures of its quantities are still in the 1,000). Another new addition is the Core i7- 870 which is a Quad Core, bearing 8 threads. Another new addition is the i5-750 which is also a Quad Core with 4 threads.

The most price cut has been seen of the Core i7-870's, that fell from $562 to $294. Here is a table to sum up all those price cuts. Thanks to TechPowerup.

Check out Intel's price cuts here and the PDF is listed here.

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